Bloom Township Board of Trustees: Business Meetings
the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30pm with agenda review 6:15pm

November 2015 meetings will be held Wednesday, November 4 & Wednesday, November 18.
The meeting will start at 6:30pm with agenda review at 6:15pm

Special meetings are occasionally held and announced via website, entrance door to our meeting hall, and to any news media requesting such notification.

Location: Greencastle area, the center of the township.
Schedule is subject to change during summer months & holiday times.
P: 614-837-4387
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Jason Smith
David Cyphert
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We are pleased to announce we have broken ground for construction of Bloom Township Fire Station 552 to be built in Greencastle across from our current Administrative Office Building at 8485 Lithopolis Road!  This second fire station is being constructed near the center of the township to achieve response times to all areas of the township according to National Fire Protection Agency recommendations of 4 minutes or less. The contract was awarded to local contractor, Eversole Builders. Details in our newsletter coming out soon.
Attention Residents:  Bloom Township has received numerous inquiries regarding construction projects within the Village of Lithopolis and concerns about numerous detours. Please be advised Bloom Township has no control over the Village of Lithopolis projects. These projects are governed by the Lithopolis mayor and Village council.