The Bloom Township Cemetery Department is responsible for Greencastle Cemetery and Wesley Chapel Cemetery. The only cemetery that has lots available is Wesley Chapel. Cemetery Rules are posted at the site.
wesley chapel cemetery est. 1855 enterance sign
To purchase a lot, schedule a burial or
order a foundation contact:
Steve Green, Cemetery Sexton
36 E South Street
Lithopolis, Ohio, 43136
Phone: 614-837-1968


Residents of Township

  • $700.00 for 2 graves
  • Open/Close (before 3:00pm)
    $450.00 each
  • Open/Close (after 3:00pm)
    $600.00 each
  • Saturday Open/Close
  • Urns: $250.00

Non-Residents of Township

  • $1150.00 for 2 graves
  • Open/Close (before 3pm)
    $750.00 each
  • Open/Close (after 3pm)
    $850.00 each
  • Saturday Open/Close
  • Urns: $300.00

Installation of Government Marker is Free
Footer for markers $1/sq inch of concrete.
$50 layout fee.