snow covered mailboxes on road side, morning sun glare on road



Road Supervisor: Steve Green


Phone: 614-837-1968

Location: 36 E. South Street,

Lithopolis, Ohio 43136


The primary responsibility of the Boom Township Road Department during periods of Ice and/or snow is to the traveling public. On many occasions, snows are wet and heavy. Trucks with plows necessarily have to travel at speeds capable of moving this “slush” off the road. If any of our equipment causes damage to a mailbox by actually striking the mailbox, the township will repair or replace the mailbox. A reasonable attempt will be made to replace with an in-kind mailbox of usual and customary construction and design.

If while plowing heavy wet snow, the snow knocks down the mailbox, we will attempt to repair the mailbox after the snow event is over and roads are clear. This may involve lagging pieces of wood/metal to the post or screws to the box for the resident to have their mail service continue. However, if mailboxes are not mounted securely (in good manner), or if materials of good quality are not used, we cannot take responsibility for any or all damage. This policy will be on a case by case basis of each complaint we receive from our residents.

Road Department workers shall keep a list of the addresses and times of damage as they observe such occurrences. Since the Road Department workers may not be aware of every damage occurrence, residents should call the Road Department at


to report damage to their mailbox. As soon as the roads are determined to be safe for travel during a snow/ice event, the Road Department workers shall begin addressing mailbox damage complaints to ensure that interruption of mail delivery is minimized. 


Mailbox supports must be in accordance with the current ODOT Design Manual. Supports for rural mailboxes must be of “breakaway” type. Standard supports are a 4”x4” timber post, a 4 ½” round timber post, or a 2” maximum I.D. metal post of standard wall thickness (2 3/8” O.D.).

The front leading edge of the mailbox must be at least 2’ (two feet) from the traveled edge of pavement.

At no time shall a mailbox support be incased in concrete. Boxes should be 39” to 42” from the ground to the bottom of the box.

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